3D printed insoles startup SOLS making strides in orthotics

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Many people rely on comfortable work shoes and orthotics to get through a long shift at work. Shoes For Crews has numerous styles of nonslip shoes available that keep people happy, safe and stylish on the job, and a new 3D printing company is revolutionizing the world of custom orthotics.

Gone are the days when people were satisfied with one-size-fits-all shoe inserts chosen right off the rack. These days, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding an orthotic that works with your foot shape, body type and lifestyle. SOLS Systems has hit a multimillion dollar jackpot by developing 3D printing technology to create custom insoles that take things like weight, lifestyle and job specifics into account, among other things.

The company developed an application that runs on iOS or Android devices that lets you “scan” your foot by recording a video. SOLS then runs a series of processing algorithms on the video to help create your custom insole. So far, 50 doctors in the U.S. are working with the company and prescribing these insoles to patients. About 100 orthotics are prescribed each week. By the end of the year, SOLS’ plan is to have 200 doctors on board. Eventually, the product will be introduced to consumers, which, when paired with safety shoes, will make being on your feet all day seem like a breeze.

Custom orthotics is only the beginning for the 3D printing company, which plans to break out into the market.

“We’re building this platform that spans scanning, and product design and 3D printing, and what does that mean? Well, we now have the ability to bring custom fit and custom products to these very specific product categories,” Kegan Schouwenburg, the founder of SOLS Systems, told TechCrunch.

Items like safety gear, braces, prosthetics and even clothing are on the company’s radar for the future.

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