5 tips to help nurses look their best

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Nurses work long shifts with little downtime, so it’s perfectly normal if you sometimes find yourself wondering about your appearance. Looking radiant for 10 or 12 hours straight is no easy feat, but if you know how to prepare and which products to invest in, it can be a breeze.

After all, you work a patient-facing job, so appearance is important. You represent not only yourself, but the team that you work for and the hospital itself. Appearing your best will make you and your patients feel good.

Address internal and external health
Looking great and feeling great is a matter of taking care of every aspect of yourself, from moisturizing your skin to eating healthy foods. Therefore, it’s important to view this as a whole-body routine, rather than a simple alteration in your morning makeup routine. Here are five tips to help keep you glowing no matter how long your shift may be.

1. Prioritize comfort: Comfort is of the utmost importance when you’re on your feet all day for long hours. A good pair of nursing shoes is a must. Don’t rush into the decision of buying a pair. It’s important to find shoes that fit well. Shoes For Crews offers a 60-Day Wear and Compare Guarantee. If you’re not 100 percent satisfied with a pair, you can exchange them for free with a prepaid label. When you feel good, it shows – and when your shoes don’t fit right, you can bet that your co-workers and patients will notice. So find a pair that’s comfortable and stylish.

2. Moisturize your hands at night: Rough hands don’t have to be a common problem if you know when and how to moisturize. Hand lotion at work isn’t optimal because you have to wash your hands and use sanitizer so frequently. The only real opportunity you have to ensure that your hands stay moisturized is when you go to bed. Here, you have a couple of options: You can buy cotton gloves and use the lotion of your choice or invest in moisturizing gloves.

3. Purchase the right makeup: If you wear makeup, you’ve likely gone through several products or have given up on your efforts. You don’t have to forgo this routine if you don’t want to. Research items that hold up well over long periods of time and see which ones work best for you. Basics such as foundation are good to have. Purchasing other items such as lip gloss and eyeliner will depend on your personal style.

4. Make water your drink of choice: You recognize how important water is, so make it your go-to drink. If you’re not a fan of plain water, try squeezing some lemon juice into it or purchasing naturally flavored seltzer water. Dehydration can lead your body to draw water from other parts of the body, including the tissue. This isn’t to say that you should chug water during your shift. Drink only when you’re thirsty to ensure that you stay hydrated and look great.

5. Stay healthy: Ensuring your overall well-being may seem challenging, but it’s important. Make sure you get enough sleep every night, exercise when you can and eat nutritious foods. If you find yourself having trouble sticking to these best practices, consider speaking to and working with your fellow nurses. Sometimes, it requires a team effort. Many people who exercise in the morning feel more awake during the day. Alternatively, exercising after work can help you fall asleep more easily. You’ll either get more sleep or be more awake at work, both of which will ensure that you look radiant.

Looking your very best is a matter of tending to your overall health by eating and drinking well and investing in nursing attire that is comfortable, such as stylish nurse shoes and form-fitting scrubs. You don’t have to drastically change up your lifestyle by changing your wardrobe or altering your diet right away or all at once, but slowly working toward these steps can help you feel and look great.

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