Nursing fashion tips: How to rock scrubs

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People in other industries are often jealous of nurses and other medical professionals who get to wear scrubs every day to work. They're super comfortable – like wearing pajamas – don't require a ton of thought to put together and are easy to clean. And while you can't really go wild with accessories, hair and makeup, it is possible to rock your scrubs and look like a million bucks in the workplace – especially when they're paired with cute nursing shoes. Here are some tips to help you out.

Pay attention to fit
You may be inclined to choose scrubs that are more comfortable than they are properly fitted, but this is a mistake. Finding the right fit is the easiest way to ensure that you look good in your scrubs. As Scrubs magazine pointed out, different brands look good on different people, so it might take a lot of trying on to find the best ones. Make sure the chest isn't too tight or revealing and the waistband isn't too large. The length is important, too – you don't want your pants dragging above the floor or hovering above your nurse shoes. You should have uninhibited range of motion and feel comfortable. Classic, tailored lines are your best bet.

Have fun with color
Your employer probably has specific guidelines when it comes to which colors are acceptable. But chances are, you'll have some freedom to choose the color of your scrubs and potentially mix and match various pieces. A neutral color on the bottom and a complementary color on top is typically the most flattering combination. You can also use darker colors to minimize your larger body parts, like your bottom half or your chest.

Be careful with prints
Printed scrubs can be fun, but it's easy to go overboard. The best prints are simple, timeless patterns like small stripes or polka dots in pastel shades. A bright pattern here or there is OK if your employer allows them, but they shouldn't be mixed with other prints to avoid looking too busy. You should also avoid wearing a printed top with a matching printed bottom – you'll look better with one printed item paired with a complementary color for the other piece.

Keep them clean and fresh
The worst fashion mistake you can make is wearing worn, stained or dirty scrubs on the job. Crisp, clean clothes make you look professional and trustworthy to your patients and your employers. If you have bright-colored scrubs, be sure to toss them once they become faded. Anything white – from a lab coat to your nonslip shoes – should be kept as bright as possible.

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