3 solid pieces of advice from experienced housekeepers

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Being a hotel housekeeper is hard work, and if you're just starting out on the job, it can be daunting. Where do you begin? How do you make the room look absolutely perfect? Is it even possible? As you take care of your first room, you might think back to hotels you've stayed at in the past and wonder how they ever got to be so thoroughly clean. However, after a few weeks on the job, you'll soon get the hang of it and before long you'll have a routine that gets you in and out of rooms in a snap.

To speed up the learning process, here are three great tips from experienced housekeepers. Incorporating this advice into your daily routine will help make your job easier, make you feel better and maybe even increase your tips.

1. How to get in and out quickly
When the hotel is full, time is of the essence. There are rooms to turn over for newly arrived guests and others that need freshening up before their occupants return for the night. This is where being able to do your job quickly and efficiently will set you apart from the rest of the pack. Hospitalitynet interviewed several executive housekeepers who had this advice: First, learn the difference between greasy and non-greasy stains. For non-greasy stains, cold water and detergent are your best friends, otherwise use a damp sponge to extract grease stains from fabric. For blood, the source recommended using shaving cream to remove the mess. These methods will save you a lot of time as you move through the rooms.

2. Treat yourself kindly
It's one thing to get the job done quickly, but it's another to overwork yourself. If you have a big day ahead of you, consider doing some light stretching before starting your shift. Doing so will prevent your muscles from getting cramped. And try to always be aware of your posture – move with the vacuum rather than extending it out from a stationary position, as doing so repeatedly could cause discomfort. You should wear safety shoes to avoid slipping on wet surfaces, a situation you'll find yourself in daily. Taking care of yourself means you'll feel better and be more efficient on the job.

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3. The little touches count
If you want to increase your tips, it's important that you focus on the little touches. Unfortunately, hotel guests might only pay attention to your job if it's done poorly. They will notice a streaked mirror, but they won't notice a perfectly made bed. So taking on some extra touches will help get your work noticed and remind guests there's someone taking care of their room when they aren't in it. Better Homes and Gardens recommended learning a few different ways to fold towels so that they look great in any situation. Once you've mastered the basic folds, you can learn how to make animal shapes and other unique designs that will make your work stand out.

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