Avoid these 3 common hotel housekeeping mistakes

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Being a housekeeper, maid or chambermaid at a hotel can be a difficult job. Sometimes there can be tons of cleaning and very little time to do it.  But, as a housekeeper, it's important to work to clean each room as well as possible, even when time is crunched. A big portion of cleaning isn't just getting out new soaps, sanitizing the bathroom and changing the sheets, but making sure that guests are happy. 

Sometimes it doesn't matter what a housekeeper does – guests will just be grumpy. However, the best way to prevent this may be to try avoiding some of the most common housekeeping complaints. Knowing what bothers guests in the hospitality industry is a great way to come up with a solutions to fix these problems for the future. Here are a few of the most common problems guests can run into with housekeepers. 

1. The bedding or towels have holes or rips
Clean sheets and towels are a must for every hotel guest. They're a sign of the hotel's attention to detail and cleanliness as a whole. Although housekeepers know that these items must be restocked with every new guest or upon request, sometimes these frequently laundered fabrics can become ratty and worn. Hotel linens company Linen Service explained that guests often complain that their sheets or towels – although clean – have holes, rips or frays. 

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to check for the quality when restocking a room. When you touch the towel, feel if it's too worn or thin. Try giving a made bed a quick once-over to spot any holes, tears or rips. When done correctly, your guests will never even think about the sheets or towels. 

2. Poor appearance or attitude 
Red Book Connect pointed to bad attitudes and appearances as one of the top 10 biggest complaints from guests about housekeeping. Like cleanliness, these aspects can turn guests off from the hotel as a whole, because the staff represents the entire establishment, the company explained. 

"If their hygiene, uniform, trolley and demeanor are in poor condition, how can your guests expect their rooms to be any different?" Red Book asked.

Many hotels have dress codes, but to be an exemplary housekeeper you must go beyond just the dress code and talk to supervisors about best practice. Is there more you could be doing? Are there specific work shoes for safety and style? Is there a better way to greet guests?

Dressing well, practicing good hygiene and being polite and respectful are great ways to make sure no guest has anything negative to say about your appearance or actions. Checking for the "Do Not Disturb" sign, and when a "Do Not Disturb" sign is not hung, waiting 10 seconds after knocking on the door are two more examples of a good, respectful attitude guests will appreciate. 

3. The items in the room haven't been restocked 
There are a number of things that a housekeeper needs to do in each room. Depending on the quantity of rooms in the hotel, some housekeepers are constantly crunched for time. This means that certain tasks may fall by the wayside. 

Forgetting to restock the soaps and shampoo bottles can be one of the most easily recognizable signs that a housekeeper missed something, but there are others. Coffee, towels, pillows, tissues, pens and paper are all items that people expect clean and fresh in the room when they get there. Like everything else, it may not be that guests actually care about having these items, but rather that it could be representative of the level of quality at the hotel.

By keeping things clean, restocked and ready for guests, you'll make yourself and your hotel stand out as superb. 

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