Prepare for the most common hotel concierge questions

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When you’re a hotel concierge, you’re job is to help the guests with nearly anything they need. You want to provide them with information, advice and excellent customer service. Part of this service is being ready to answer any and all questions that guests may ask. Many concierges pride themselves on their knowledge and providing guests with help before they even know they need it. However, it never hurts to go over some of the most common questions so that you’ll have a stellar answer loaded up and ready to go.

Where should I go for dinner?

Asking where to go out to dinner is definitely one of the most common questions a hotel’s front desk gets each night. Concierges should check out the restaurants for themselves and ask guests their experiences. Use this knowledge to come up with a few answers you’ll have ready when a guest asks.

If you’re dealing with business travelers, you may have one answer, while if you’re talking to a family of out-of-towners, you may have another. But a guest like’s editor Carly Eiseman may throw you a curve ball and ask where the locals like to eat, as she explained on The Huffington Post.

“One of the first things I like to find out when I arrive in a new town or city is to find out if it’s an early-to-bed or late-night kind of place. ‘What time do most locals dine’ and then, ‘Where do they like to eat?’ is a two-part question I always like to pose. Finding out the correct answer will prove to be helpful,” Eiseman explained.

A helpful concierge should keep a few local options in mind to field this question. Foodie travelers who want to really taste the local fare will also appreciate a good local suggestion. Giving people tips on any regional dining quirks or lingo can also be useful.

What should we do?

Like with dinner, guests are eager to get out into the community, but they may not know what to do at all. Try to provide options that can fit a variety of tastes, whether they’re cultural, sight-seeing or eclectic. If guests are looking to really see the city and experience this new area, consider creating your own unassisted walking tour. Give them a map that’ll take them on a safe path to sights, stores, restaurants and other important parts of the community. Many people want to wander around town, but they don’t know where to go.

Can you print my boarding pass?

Las Vegas hospitality giant Caesars’ Las Vegas Blog explained that the most common concierge question is “Can you print my boarding pass?” Many people won’t be looking for advice, but these small pieces of practical help can go a long way toward making a guest want to come back. To a business traveler, the difference between choosing a hotel for a second stay can come down to something as simple as whether you can make the trip simpler. To answer this question make sure you have all of the electronic devices needed and ready to go.

What amenities does this hotel have?

People can ask this question in a variety of ways, and often concierges offer up these services at the beginning. List services beyond where the health club is, including storing luggage, hailing taxis, planning functions or getting personal care products, such as a forgotten toothbrush. These services are among the most asked for, according to HowStuffWorks, and can be provided by most hotels with minimal effort.

By answering a question, a concierge can give that guest a better experience in the city and the hotel – sometimes creating a repeat customer, other times simply providing better service.

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