[Infographic] The biggest causes of slips and falls

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Slips and falls are major safety threats in the workplace, but they’re often overlooked. The reality of the situation is that slips and falls are both surprisingly common and exceedingly dangerous. In fact, these accidents represent about one-quarter of all accident injury claims reported across most industries, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The good news is, it’s ┬ápossible to cut down on the number of people injured by slip and fall accidents in the workplace. For that to happen, employers and employees need to take steps to make their work environments safer and, just as importantly, behave more safely when on the job.

To do that, it’s very useful to take a closer look at what actually causes these incidents in the first place. After all, you can only really stop a problem once you understand it.

Take a look at this infographic highlighting the three biggest causes of slip and fall accidents in the workplace, and start thinking about how you can help keep your colleagues safe from these dangers.

The biggest causes of slips and fallsThe biggest causes of slips and falls
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