Back-to-school shopping pointers for cafeteria employees

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Kids aren't the only ones who can have some fun back-to-school shopping. People who work in academia, namely in the food and beverage sector, can enjoy some new drab this fall without feeling guilty for splurging. That's because purchasing new work attire is an investment in health and safety.

Many of the work hazards for hospital and restaurant employees – food, unruly patients or clients, equipment – outlined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention parallel those risks associated with work in a cafeteria. When you're on the prowl for back-to-school clothes, keep your safety in mind so you can look great and avoid on-the-job injuries this year. 

Shoes are your best friend 
If you're like most people, you already have a penchant for fancy footwear. Channel this love for shoes into some slip-resistant yet stylish boots or sneakers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, school cafeteria employees are at risk of slips, trips and falls, especially near areas where the food gets prepared. 

Cafeteria duties can vary greatly. Cafeteria duties can vary greatly.

Luckily, you can reduce your risk of falling at work and save your dignity by finding slip-resistant footwear. Non-slip, waterproof shoes can keep you upright for the duration of your shift. Moreover, finding proper work shoes can save you from health problems associated with wearing poor quality shoes, including foot and back pain. 

Why loose-fitting is ill-fitting
In addition to finding the perfect pair of work shoes, cafeteria employees should seek out appropriate dress attire. Many schools enforce a dress code that entails a specific uniform. However, picking out these items should be more from a safety perspective than a fashion one.

"Avoid buying loose-fitting work clothes and jewelry."

Avoid buying loose-fitting work clothes and jewelry, as the articles can snag on kitchen equipment. As stated by OSHA, employees in the food industry must handle a myriad of equipment, including microwaves, ovens, pressure cookers, coffee makers, food processors, mincers, choppers, dicers and slicers. Each of these machines poses its own risks to the user, and dressing for the job can greatly reduce the risk of injury associated with them. 

Where to shop
Second only to safety, what may be the biggest fashion faux pas for cafeteria workers is shopping in all the wrong places. Buying a pair of scrubs or work shoes that will only last a few months won't do you much good.

When it's time to replenish your work wardrobe, look no further than Shoes For Crews for a selection of attractive and safe footwear options. The company has an entire line of slip-resistant and water-resistant options specifically designed for cafeteria workers. 

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