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The people who stock shelves at grocery stores are often the unsung and unseen heroes of modern supermarkets. While a supermarket takes effort from every employee in every department to function optimally, the grocery workers who stock the shelves are the ones who get all the food put on the shelves every day. Because these employees often work overnight while the store is closed, they’re able to put items up on the shelves much more quickly than if customers were perusing the aisles.

Although customers aren’t in the store, time is always of the essence when it comes to stocking. Here are a few tips for grocery employees to make sure that they’re optimizing the way they stock shelves.

Don’t skip any steps 
Sometimes when people are rushing to get the shelves ready, they may start trying to cut corners to finish the job quicker. But whether you’re unloading a pallet incorrectly or not taking out the back stock every night, you’re going to end up creating more work or even injuries in the long run . When people try to rush or cut corners, items can be placed in the incorrect areas, boxes can be dropped and broken, and people may have to redo sections, which is more time-consuming.

Stock shelves safely 
With so much repetitive lifting and moving, there are a number of ergonomic injuries that are possible. Vertical Health’s SpineUniverse back health website advised grocery clerks to get carts that’ll help them improve the ease of their work on their bodies. A waist-level cart with easy-to-push wheels can provide an easy access area for boxes and labels to be kept. It’s important that carts have frequently maintained wheels.

Sometimes poorly packed pallets can lead to dropping boxes and spilling liquid like tomato sauce or soup, which can lead to slips and falls. Slip-resistant shoes can prove helpful in situations with spills and slippery floors.

Face and clean as you go 
Many people like facing products and dealing with messes after loading up the shelves. However, you’ll save a significant amount of time by facing items and cleaning up as you go, rather than walking around afterward. This can mean keeping an extra cart for boxes, plastic and misplaced items with you as you work.

A grocery stocker is an important role within a grocery store, and by multitasking, working safely and doing things carefully, you’ll be able to ensure that everything is stocked quickly and correctly.

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