A day in the life of a lube technician(‘s feet)

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Automotive technicians spend every day walking on slippery, dangerous floors around heavy machinery. At the same time, they have to perform these duties quickly and efficiently. While it's a great business model that helps busy customers keep their cars well maintained, it can also spell trouble for technicians in a hurry. In addition to careful safety practices, slip-resistant shoes can help prevent dangerous accidents. Read on to learn how safety shoes can help lube technicians throughout their daily duties:

A physically demanding job

Lube technicians often have to rely on their own body strength to complete the job. The Houston Chronicle reported that technicians should be in good physical shape to complete their daily tasks without injuring themselves. They often have to carry heavy objects through the garage – while walking on potentially slippery surfaces. While working, technicians have to follow guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Snagajob also noted that technicians spend most of their day on their feet. Plus, much of their time is spent with their arms held above their heads. This combination can lead to fatigue by the end of the shift – and a potentially increased risk of injury.

Much of a technician's day is spent with upraised arms.Much of a technician's day is spent with upraised arms.

Slippery conditions

Generally, lube technicians use a grease gun to apply white lithium to vehicles. They also regularly perform oil changes. Greasy, oily floors can be extremely dangerous to walk on – especially while wearing shoes with worn out soles. Lube technicians should always wear safety footwear with slip-resistant outsoles. SFC's shoes are made with a patented formula designed to grip the microscopic roughness of the floor. A special tread pattern actually pushes liquids away from the center of the shoe to provide increased shoe-to-floor contact.

Comfort and dependability are two other key features of SFC shoes. When spending your entire day standing and moving around, it's important to have a pair of shoes that you can count on. SFC shoes feature padded collars and cushioned insoles to provide maximum support.

Few other careers have as slippery conditions as those that lube technicians work in day in and day out. When safety is such a key priority, crews need footwear they can rely on. Safety footwear helps to prevent harmful accidents and costly worker's compensation lawsuits. It's a simple, reliable solution to a real industry concern.

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