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When you wear the same work shoes day in and day out, there's bound to be some wear, tear, and smells. But whether you're wearing formal nonslip shoes, stylish slip-resistant sneakers or work boots, you don't want to get rid of your shoes just because of odor or a few scratches. When your shoes look great, protect you from falls and are some of the most comfortable things you've ever worn, you'll want to try a few of these tips and tricks to keep them long-lasting and working great. 

Protect your leather 
When you're a employee in a dangerous environment, shoes that help prevent slips and falls while navigating a warehouse kitchen or production line are critical. But these shoes also need to look professional and stylish. One important way to keep your leather nonslip shoes looking good is to avoid common leather problems. 

Protect your shoes from water damage with a manufacturer-approved leather protector. If you still manage to get caught in the rain, Philadelphia's Fox 29 reminded people against putting the shoes next to the heater. Although this can help your shoes dry more quickly, it'll also dry out the leather, which can lead to cracking. Crumpled newspaper on the interior of your shoes can be much more effective than exterior heating. Structural trees are also smart to ensure your shoes dry and reform back to their previous shape. 

When your shoes get sandy, muddy or generally dirty, take some time after work to clean your shoes off with a soft brush. Getting debris and dirt off your shoes in a reasonable amount of time can help prevent serious wear and tear from starting. 

Complex magazine pointed to peanut butter as a great, inexpensive cleaning solution for leather shoes as well. With its stickiness and oils, your shoes could be looking great after being wiped down with peanut butter. But, it may make everyone around you hungry all day. 

Polishing your footwear is a great way to keep fully leather shoes looking sharp and stylish. Although everyone shines their shoes slightly differently, GQ magazine advised people to start out by laying down some newspaper. From here you want to gather a brush, a rag and some polish. GQ recommended brushing the shoes off to get rid of any dirt or sand. Then wrapping the rag around two of your fingers, and applying the polish in small circles all over the surface of the shoe. Then you brush it again and apply a second, lighter coat with a quick spray of water. Buff the whole thing with a soft cloth and your shoes will be looking great! 

Eliminate shoe odor 
Odor can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a shoe. Even when shoes are structurally and visually perfect, an unpleasant odor can be too much of a problem for people to wear them regularly. Sneaker Balls are a great option to get rid of common foot odor without any hassle. However, there are also ways you can eliminate simple shoe odor with household materials. 

GQ magazine suggested that people turn to dryer sheets for foot odor protection. 

"Fabric sheets are my answer for everything," Brandon Edler, digital engagement strategist at Finish Line, told GQ. "Over night, the fabric sheets settle into the shoe leaving your nasty kicks smelling like a hoodie fresh out of the dryer … It's almost as good as that brand new sneaker smell."

Baking soda is another popular, inexpensive option to soak up shoe odor. Complex advised people put their shoes in a closed box with baking soda on the insole to absorb the odor.

Taking your insoles out or replacing them are other solutions that may be your best bet in particularly intense situations. 

Salt stains 
If you work in an area where ice is a common winter problem, you may be all too familiar with salt stains. Whether you're wearing dress shoes or work boots, salt stains can really make your shoes look dirty, not to mention slowly eat away at them. Esquire magazine advised using a mixture of water and vinegar – spraying it lightly and wiping the shoes down. This mixture should create a chemical cleaner that's both gentle and effective. 

Keeping your shoes looking sharp and functioning well with a bit of home maintenance is a great way to get the most out of your footwear. 

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