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Many people who are looking for work shoes that give them better grip for their jobs probably aren't thinking about what the shoe is made of. A lot of employees who are shopping for slip-resistant shoes are more interested in the style or price of footwear options than the materials used in manufacturing them. But people who are vegan and worried about the well-being of animals are often concerned with how and what a shoe, boot or sneaker is made of. 

For these people, vegan footwear may be the way to go. Whether you've searched far and wide for nonslip vegan shoes or you've never heard of them before, it's smart to get to know more about this specialty product. 

What are vegan shoes?
Vegan shoes, like vegan food, are made without any animal products. Leather is the most common animal ingredient used in shoes and a major reason for the creation of vegan shoes. But there are other animal products, such as wool, silk or fur, that vegan shoes also don't use in their manufacturing.

Some people prefer vegan footwear because they don't want animals to be killed, shorn or used to make their shoes when there are synthetic options available. Others have a more environmental approach to the question of vegan footwear, arguing that tanneries and livestock farming are more costly to the environment through resource use and pollution than synthetic efforts. 

Some vegan shoes are even made through recycling, cutting out much of the environmental impact of either choice and risking no animal health. 

"Recycled polyester, old tires and fishing nets can be reused through upcycling to create new eco-friendly shoes," People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals manager Danielle Katz told environmentalist website Mother Nature Network. "Synthetic materials can be directly produced and cut out to fit the exact needs of companies – without many leftovers like in the leather business."

When animal-free shoes first came onto the market, they were mostly clunky, cheap and unstylish, Wisegeek explained. However, as more people have voiced interest in vegan footwear, the market has responded with the production of more attractive designs. 

Not only are there now vegan shoes that are as high-end as top-quality shoes made with animal products, but there are a variety of vegan shoes with specific functions. From athletic, leather-free sneakers to 100-percent vegan nonslip work shoes, there are plenty of footwear options for everyone now. 

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