Finding the right shoes for each position in food services

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In the food service industry, everyone needs a solid pair of shoes, because when things get hectic, slip and fall accidents can spell disaster. The front of house and kitchen staff need slip-resistant shoes they can count on. Spilled food and drinks can create a dangerous obstacle course that no one has time to pay attention to – that's why everyone needs work shoes they can trust.

Here's how each position in the food service industry can benefit from slip-resistant shoes:

Wait staff

Waiters are on their feet for several hours at a time, constantly running between tables, the server station, the kitchen and the bar. The two major risks faced by waiters are sore feet from constant walking and slipping accidents in the crowded kitchen. During the lunch rush and dinner service, wait staff often don't have the time to pay attention to their footing and a missed step could send someone's meal to the floor.

Shoes with slip-resistant soles can prevent dangerous accidents. And it isn't only spilled food that can cause slip and fall accidents. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, poor lighting, lack of handrails and worn out carpeting can also lead to trips and falls. Improving each of these aspects can increase restaurant safety.


Kitchens are among the most hectic workplaces. Where else would you find slippery floors, sharp knives and hot surfaces all in one place? On top of these risks, there's the element of time. When a table full of dishes needs to go out at once, timing is everything. When a kitchen runs at full capacity, accidents are bound to happen. The best cook shoes are those that can grip the floor, even if it's covered in grease. That's why SFC outsoles are made with a patented material that can grip the microscopic surface of the floor.

Restaurant kitchens can also benefit from slip-resistant floor mats that can prevent wet floors from becoming dangerous. These mats can turn a slippery floor into a high-traction surface. 


Hosts often have to stand on sore feet for hours – and smile while doing so. When greeting guests, hosts need to be personable and accommodating. Wearing comfortable shoes makes those tasks easier. Plus, hosts don't need to sacrifice comfort and safety for style. Sneakers, dress shoes and clogs all come with slip-resistant outsoles, so hosts can complete their professional look without missing a beat.


When things get busy, it's the dishwashers' job to make sure there are always plenty of silverware, plates and glasses on hand. Finding a dry floor near a dishwasher's station is like trying to find a cactus out at sea – it's not going to happen. And dishwashers can't just wear any kind of shoe. Soft-toe boots keep feet dry while also preventing slip and fall accidents. They're also comfortable enough to keep workers on their feet for long hours.

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