Study finds many people wear shoes that don’t fit

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Wearing the proper work shoes is critical for any line of work. Not only can good footwear protect you from workplace hazards like slips and heavy materials, but shoes that fit well and offer support will give the person wearing them more comfort. However, as The Wall Street Journal recently reported, average foot size has been increasing in the past few decades and many people may not be wearing their correct size.

The newspaper reported on a June study from the U.K.’s professional organization the College of Podiatry, which found that shoe size has increased by nearly two whole sizes since the 1970s on average. Other companies have also noticed the increase, and many stores now sell significant amounts of sizes previously labeled as big or tall.

In addition to this steady overall increase, many people’s feet continue to change or grow in different ways over the course of their adult lives, The Wall Street Journal noted. Due to this size shift, many people wear or buy shoes that are ill-fitting, and that can spell some serious discomfort.

“No matter how big or small your feet, though, your shoes could be hurting them – or even causing permanent harm. In the U.K study, involving 2,000 adults, more than a third of men and nearly half of women admitted buying shoes that didn’t fit properly,” the newspaper wrote.

Consequences of the wrong shoe size 
If you keep wearing a shoe that doesn’t fit you well, you may be causing serious damage to your foot and other parts of your body. Although some people wear these shoes because they already spent money on them or for style reasons, the pain may not be worth the price.

Illinois-based OSF St. Joseph Medical Center explained that shoes that are the wrong size can lead to bunions, which are painful swollen areas from squished feet. Corns, hammer toe and ingrown toenails are also problems associated with wearing shoes that don’t fit well and can be extremely painful for people with jobs that require them to be on their feet. Blisters and orthopedic issues on other areas of the body are also dangers if you wear shoes that don’t fit well.

Experts suggest that people should get their feet measured before buying shoes, rather than relying on their size from last time they bought shoes. People may also want to consider shoe width as well as length. As feet have grown in the past few decades, stylish wide work shoes for men and women have become a viable option for those who want comfort and safety at work.

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