What do your shoes say about you?

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Even if you’re not making a fashion statement with your clothes, people might think you are. That’s just the world we live in nowadays – everything has a subtext and everyone’s got an opinion about it. When you lace up your safety shoes before heading to work, do you ever wonder kind of statement you’re making? What does that cute guy or girl sitting across from you on the train think of your kicks?

Here are what your shoes could be communicating to others:

The Marathon
SFC’s Marathon shoe is at once athletic and trendy. It’s a great fit for foodservice professionals, nurses and school workers. When you put it on, it tells the world that you’re about to get to work and you won’t be taking a break anytime soon. With extreme cushioning, it’s comfortable and lightweight, so you can wear it through the morning and be ready to take over the evening shift as well. The Marathon shoe says, “Yeah, I’ve been working since 5 a.m., but I’m still going for an evening stroll with my girl when I get home.”

Marathon shoes tell people that you can go the distance.Marathon shoes tell people that you can go the distance.

The Verona
The patent leather Verona is a clog that’s extremely durable, yet elegant. It’s a clog you can wear to work or just on a trip into the city. If you’re headed downtown to see the sights, the Verona won’t give up on your feet. It tells passersby that you know your style and you’re going to wear it all day long. Even if the elements don’t cooperate with your trip, the Verona’s slip-resistant sole will help stop you from falling on the slippery paving stones.

The Verona is a comfortable women's work shoe.The Verona is a comfortable women’s work shoe.

The Statesman
Whether in black or brown, this is a men’s slip-on dress shoe style that means business and comfort. Even if your job is in an office building, your feet can still get uncomfortable in the wrong shoe. The Statesman doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort however, so you can fine as you walk into a meeting with your manager or the CEO of the whole company. It’s made of Italian leather and has a slip-resistant sole, so it speaks of confidence and reliability.

The Statesman is a dress shoe that won't let you down.The Statesman is a dress shoe that won’t let you down.

The Guardian IV Boot
If you’re wearing the Guardian IV, you mean serious business. Anyone wearing these bad boys has a job to do that probably involves heavy objects, sharp edges and electrical hazards. This is a boot that can handle just about anything you can throw at it. With a steel toe, water resistance, electrical hazard resistance, and slip-resistant outsole, this is a piece of footwear that doesn’t mess around. When you show up at the worksite with these, you’re telling everyone else to look out, because some heavy-duty work is about to go down.

The Guardian III shows people that your ready to do some hard work.

The Cabbie
Here’s a shoe that looks great on anyone, male or female. It has a laid back style but doesn’t skimp on foot support or comfort. It’s even water resistant and 100 percent vegan, so you can wear it around without a care in the world. When you show up at your friend’s house wearing a pair of Cabbies, they know you’re ready for anything, whether that’s relaxing, working or playing.

The Cabbie is a comfortable shoe that you can wear anywhere.The Cabbie is a comfortable shoe that you can wear anywhere.

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