Why even executives need work shoes

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No one is immune to slip-and-fall accidents, which is why even executives should consider wearing slip-resistant work shoes when on site. Not only does doing so set a positive example for employees, it can prevent serious accidents. Executives don't even have to give up their personal style when choosing safe shoes – SFC has a line of stylish leather dress shoes for men and women that can complement your dress code.

Here's why executives should wear slip-resistant shoes at work:

Risk mitigation
Executives are much like ship captains – the business goes where they direct it. Just as a captain orders the helmsman to navigate around a rocky coast, managers need to steer the company safely past risk. That might be business risk, legal risk or the very real risk of personal injury. In industries such as food service, manufacturing and hospitality, managers often require their employees to wear slip-resistant shoes. This protects the company against costly workers' compensation cases. To lead by example, executives and managers should also wear shoes with slip-resistant outsoles. After all, you would wear a hard hat to a construction site, so you should also wear the proper shoes when visiting areas prone to slipping hazards.

According to the National Safety Council, the average total incurred cost of a slip-and-fall injury, including indemnity and medical bills, is about $43,000. When simply wearing the right kind of shoes could potentially save the business that much money, the decision becomes obvious.

An example that lasts
SFC's dress shoes are designed to be safe, comfortable and stylish. They may not look like the shoes that cooks and chefs rely on to stay safe in the kitchen, but the same technology is at work to provide excellent traction, no matter how slippery the floor becomes. Every SFC shoe has a slip-resistant outsole that is specially designed to grip the microscopic roughness of the floor. Plus, a unique tread pattern pushes liquids away from the middle of the shoe, providing more sole-to-floor contact.

Full-grain leather and premium construction means your slip-resistant dress shoes will make an impression for a long time. Plus, all of SFC's shoes come with a 60-day wear and compare satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, send them back with no questions asked.

Every member of your company should have a pair of shoes that keeps them safe on the job. Executives can lead by example, stay safe, and mitigate risk simply by wearing a comfortable pair of slip-resistant shoes.

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