Too cool for safety? Not anymore

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It’s a common problem among young people that they don’t want to wear safety equipment because it might look “uncool.” One survey conducted by the government of Victoria, Australia, found that teenagers who skated were very unlikely to wear any safety equipment at all. The majority of the skaters surveyed said that personal protective equipment should only be worn if the skater is performing something incredibly risky or, on the other hand, is a beginner.

While a disregard for proper safety procedures might be expected of teenagers, it’s surprising to find the same attitudes among adults. The New York Times reported that when Major League Baseball approved a new safety helmet for pitchers last year, only one player in the whole league chose to wear it. Alex Torres, a reliever for the San Diego Padres, told the paper that many of his teammates made fun him and the fans mocked him. Torres said that he doesn’t care, because he’s more concerned about his safety than he is with looking cool. It seems, however, that he’s the only one.

Even firefighters sometimes choose not wear all of their protective gear when heading out on calls. Adam Thiel, a former fire chief and current Deputy Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security in Virginia, said that he often forgot or refrained from securing his jacket, boots or hat properly and often got burns on his exposed skin. If even those in positions of frequent danger and exposure to risk don’t regularly wear the proper equipment, how can it be expected of other people?

Even if the risks of your profession aren't readily apparent, you still need to be prepared.Even if the risks of your profession aren’t readily apparent, you still need to be prepared.

Knowledge is power
If you know the risks associated with your profession, there’s a good chance you’ll wear the right gear. The problem is, many people are unaware of the risk they’re exposed to on a daily basis. For instance, a cook might compare his job to that of a firefighter and come to the conclusion that being a cook is much safer – so what’s the use of safety equipment? But that’s looking at the situation in the wrong light. A firefighter is certainly exposed to more risk more frequently, but that doesn’t mean being a cook is risk-free. There are plenty of opportunities for accidents to happen, even when all of the proper safety procedures have been followed. A slip in a puddle of water could be just as catastrophic as getting burnt in a fire.

The take away of all this? The accident rates of certain industries might surprise you.

The Falcon is comfortable, slip-resistant and stylish.The Falcon is comfortable, slip-resistant and stylish.

Safety in style
At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter how cool you look in your safety gear, as long as it keeps you safe. But if there’s an option to look stylish and stay safe at the same time, why not go for it? SFC makes the best slip-resistant shoes on the market, which not only help to keep you safe on the job, but also feel comfortable and look great. These are the kind of the shoes you can wear at any time of the day.

Stephen F., a retired delicatessen from Missouri, had this to say about the wearability of his SFC Falcons: “Not only would I work in these shoes hard for 8 to 10 hours, I wear them as street shoes, walking shoes (4 to 8 miles a day), hike trails, then clean them up and wear them to church.”

But it isn’t just sneakers – safety shoes are the chameleons of footwear. The Venice, for example, is a slim, comfortable dress shoe that’s perfect for summer wear. The Senator and the Statesman are also solid dress shoes which exhibit a style you might find in boardrooms across the country. But if you’re not into sneakers or leather shoes, SFC still has you covered. Whether you wear the Old School Low-Rider II, Ollie shoes or canvas high tops, your shoes can keep you from slipping at work or play.

There’s no excuse not to wear safety shoes. In fact, there hasn’t been one since 1984, when SFC opened for business. With these stylish kicks, you’ll have greater peace of mind and look cool, too.

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