Trouble with your work shoes? Tie, tie again [infographic]

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If you’re on your feet all day, you’ve got a lot riding on your shoes.  And chances are, you’ve got issues with them too. It may be how you’re lacing them up.  Depending on the shape of your feet, changing the way you tie your shoes can completely change the way they feel, not to mention how you feel about them.



Troubles with your shoes? Tie tie again.

Challenge:  High arches

Solution:  Open up

Start by lacing your shoe at the bottom like you normally would, evening up the laces through the bottom eyelets. Cross the laces and thread them to the second eyelets normally.  Then take the laces directly up the shoe (not crossing the tongue) into the next row of eyelets, leaving an open area in the middle of the shoe. Continue lacing, crisscross style, until you reach the top.

Challenge:  Heel slipping

Solution:  Batten down the hatches

Lace your shoes normally until one eyelet remains on each side. Lace each side straight up the outside of the shoe into the last eyelet, leaving a loop on either side. Crisscross each lace across the shoe and pull it through the opposite loop and tie as normal. These loops help pull up the shoe material around your ankle to secure your heel in place without tightening the rest of your shoe.

Challenge:  Wide forefoot

Solution: Air it out

Lace your shoes evenly at the bottom, then start working up the outside. Lace each side into the first eyelet up the side of the shoe. Do this twice to the middle of the shoe to the third eyelet on each respective side. Then just lace up normally and your feet will have plenty of room to move.

Challenge:  Toe pain

Solution:  Get your shoe off your toe

Thread one side of your laces at the top of your shoe on the opposite side of your big toe. Take the lace down to the end of your shoe closest to your big toe to the bottom eyelet making a diagonal line. Lace up your shoe with this single long lace normally in a zig zag fashion. This method enables the portion of the shoe above your big toe to get pulled away while the rest of your shoe is tied tight.

Challenge:  Tight shoes

Solution:  Go parallel

Start by lacing the first two eyelets on the same side on the big toe side of your shoe. From here we are going to follow a pattern. Take the lower lace and cross it to the other bottom eyelet and put the lace down through it. Take that same lace, skip the second eyelet and thread it up through the third eyelet, then cross it over the tongue and down through the opposite side eyelet. Follow this pattern up the shoe. Avoiding the standard crisscross pattern allows the top of the foot to have more room, giving you much more comfort while still getting support.


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